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December 3 2013No Commented

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giving tuesdayWell, we have made it through Black Friday and Cyber Monday; it is time now for #GivingTuesday. Actually, at CEM we like when people give everyday. Whether you give money or time or food or books or something else, giving makes you better. Check out this this article in the Wall Street Journal from last August. In spite of all our focus on “survival of the fittest,” ¬†scientists are actually discovering that we are made to give, share, and care for one another. ¬†If you don’t have time to read the article, here is an excerpt:

While we often tend to think of altruism as a kind of sophisticated moral capacity we use to squelch our urges to dominate others, this new evidence suggests that giving is actually inherently rewarding: The brain churns out a pleasurable response when we engage in it.

So this season of giving and consumerism could be based on something other than capitalism and the bottom line. It could be based on the good feeling we have when we do give.

Culturally this time of year is when lots of giving occurs. The encouragement to buy more and more so we can give starts in October. It goes right through the end of the year. Our tax code encourages giving by granting tax breaks to those who give to charities. Tax advisors encourage those who have done well to give now to pay less later.

Fund-raisers across the country have picked today as a great day to give. So, please give in the urge. Give to something you believe in. Give to CEM. Build community, feel the pleasure of doing something good. Click on the Donate button now.

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